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Where can I go to get an instrument for my child?

**I will preface this information with this statement. If there is any reason that you are unable to get an instrument for your student, or if an instrument that fits my description below is the only option, please contact me. I have ways to help :)

Finding an instrument can be very easy these days! With the Internet at our fingertips, a quick Google search will bring up a ton of violins, violas, cellos, and maybe a few basses :) That being said, all instruments are not created equal. The low cost Ebay or Amazon specials may be enticing, but they will cause more problems than they are worth, both at home and in the classroom.

These instruments will likely:
*Look pretty (some come in various colors and even patterns!)
*Smell brand spankin' new (due to the heavy coat of lacquer)
*Provide unearthly sounds you had no idea existed (due to the fact that the instrument will not stay in tune, and is not properly set up)
*Cost more to repair than what you paid for it
*Keep your child from playing to his or her best ability


There are several local shops where your child can try instruments - this is so important! If they can't try one in person, be sure to check the return policy of any source before purchasing. Check out the Music Links page to find a local shop! The instruments on the Shar Music website have also proven to be very good and reliable.

If you'd like to check things out online, these are some typical 'brands' that have some excellent student level instruments: 

*Franz Hoffman
*Klaus Mueller

If you have any other questions, or want me to take a look at something you have found, I'd be more than happy to :) When investing in your child and his or her musical journey, I want to be sure that your hard earned money is spent on something that he or she will be successful on! :)