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Mrs. LaFave
JH Band Wednesdays/Thursdays


Hello! I have set up a Remind classroom to help communicate.
The JH Band Remind app code is mannala . 

 If you are interested in using Seesaw, please contact me below :)


What should I practice?
*Your Scales
*Band Music
*Music you love- with expression
*Your Method Book

8th Grade Band Music

  1. 80’s Flashback arranged by Paul Murtha

  2. The Valiant by Douglas Court

9th Grade Band Music

  1. Coldplay on Stage arranged by Michael Brown

  2. Sedona arranged by Rob Romeyn

  3. Concerto #2 in B flat Major by Charles T. Yeago

8th and 9th Joint Band Music

  1. Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man’s Chest arranged by Ted Picketts

  2. Foundry by John Mackey

Want to LISTEN?  

Go to and type in the name of the band song


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