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Direct link to video :)

Last Updated 5/28, 10:09am
Hi everyone!! We have put together a helpful page of fun things that you can practice at home!! :) If you have any questions, or just want to say hi, you can also click the "contact" button (as long as you have permission from someone at home :) ) and Mrs. LaFave or Mrs. Delfanian will respond :)

Mrs. LaFave and Mrs. Delfanian want to do their own challenge, just like your BINGO style challenge. Click here to submit your best, funniest, and craziest things that you want to see us complete!!! :)

*Darth Vader files added below :)
*Yankee Doodle files added below :)

Weekly Practice - each link goes to a playlist :)
Week of 5/28
The Blueberry Song!! :) See the coffee talk videos, and/or the classwork tab in the Googly Drive for the music! :)
*Violin - Mondays
*Viola - Tuesdays
*Cello - Wednesdays
*Bass - Thursdays
Star Wars Day Files :) - Main Melody
Star Wars - Darth Vader Files :)

Yankee Doodle files :)

Happy Birthday Video!! :)
Happy Birthday Notes


What can I be practicing?

*Practicing anything with MUSICAL EXPRESSION!! :)
*Finger patterns #1 and #2 - pick a bowing - change it up!! :) 
*Open String Cycle
*Whole bows, half bows (upper, lower), combo bows, staccato, spiccato
*Bornoff Book - start on page 31 with Hot/Creepy Cross Buns
*Essential Elements - everyone has gotten to pages 10-11 - you could stay there or work ahead!! :)
-----D scale is on page 11 - we want all orchestra minions to know their D scale! :) 
*D String Boogie
*Anything on your pink/black star challenge paper!!! :) Download it here! :) 


Play-a-Long Songs (YouTube links)
*Can't Help Falling in Love
*Monster Mash
*Staying Alive
*Fight Song
*VIOLIN - LOTS of songs - like guitar hero
*BASS - We Will Rock You


 Websites (all free)
*Essential Elements - use the code in the front of your book to play along with the recordings! FREE!!!!
*Note reading challenges (notes in your D scale)
*Music Tech Teacher (TONS of games on note reading and rhythm)
*Berlin Philharmoniker Digital Concert Hall (need to sign up - check with an adult - see free concerts)
*Take a virtual tour of the Musical Instrument Museum!

*Mrs. Proctor's General Music & Chorus Link (she teaches at Bear Road! :) )
*Mrs. Patterson's General Music & Chorus Link (she teaches at Cicero!! :) )

Cool Videos/Music Groups to Watch (YouTube links)
*The Piano Guys (cello/piano)
*Time for Three (violin/bass)
*Lindsey Stirling (violin)
*Kim Kashkashian (viola)
*Tyler Butler-Figueroa (violin) from America's Got Talent
*Itzhak Perlman - Schindler's List (the song we listened to in class)
*Ranaan Meyer (bass) - The Star Spangled Banner
*Yo-Yo Ma (cello) - Bach Cello Suite (BEAUTIFUL and EXPRESSIVE!!!!)

Applications that can be downloaded (some may have a small fee):
*Staff Wars v 1.8 (just like we play at school - it is FREE to install on a computer, $1 app)
*Staff Wars Live (this one you have to PLAY the right note)
****I would recommend the regular Staff Wars at this time - if an instrument is out of tune it won't work with Staff Wars Live****
*Ningenius (note reading karate style! $2.99)
*Flashnote Derby (note reading game - $2.99)

*Staff Wars for Chromebook (the range is not editable like in class - there will be MANY more notes - can you figure some out?)