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Lakeshore Road Elementary
Mrs. Delfanian

Mark your calendar!

Concert: Monday, June 15th, 7pm, Gillette Road Middle School



 Lesson 5/6
It's a 10 Bow Challenge Paper! :)
Open String Cycle Video
Page 31 - Hot/Creepy Cross Buns
Half Bows - lower half and upper half
Spiccato - brushed stroke near the frog :)

Lessons 4/5
*Cycle Form:
-2 note prep - open and first finger (Page 14)
-Finger Pattern #1 (Page 17)
-Finger Pattern #2 (Page 17)
*VIOLIN/VIOLA Video 2 note prep + Finger Pattern #1/#2
*CELLO Video - 2 note prep + Finger Pattern #1/#2
*BASS Video - 2 note prep + Finger Pattern #1/#2
*Keep practicing ARCO on every single string with the Open String Cycle. Long, full bows from frog to tip! :)


Lesson 3
*Cycle Form - doing the same thing on each string in order from low to high
*First finger placement - practice on each string in cycle form
0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1
*Bow placement - starting at the frog going all the way to to the tip, pull (down bow), push (up bow)
(check your pinky placement and your thumb - is your thumb bent???)
Lesson 3/4 Video - First Finger Placement + Arco (using the bow!)

Lesson 2
*ARCO - using the bow
*FROG - bottom part of bow
*TIP - top part of bow
*WHOLE BOW - using the entire bow from frog to tip, or tip to frog
*Bow Games - windshield wipers, fruit loops (up and down), rocket ship, circles foward/backward, pinky taps (violin/viola) or pinky kicks (cello/bass)
Lesson 2 Video - Bow hold and Bow Games!!!


Lesson 1
*Taking care of and holding the instrument
*PIZZICATO - plucking the strings
*OPEN STRING CYCLE - using all 4 open strings, going up and going down
Lesson 1 Video