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Lakeshore Road Elementary


Mark your calendars!
Spring Concert: Tuesday, May 28th, 2019
7pm, Gillette Road Middle School

        Here we go!!! :)

Friday, February 8th, 2019
*D scale up and down!
*Page 12 - #33, #34
*Page 13 - Rosin Raps!

Friday, February 1st, 2019
Short lessons today because of the delay!
*D scale - forward AND backward!
*Power Rock!


Friday, January 25th, 2019
Pages 10-11 for most (page 13 Rosin Rap for some)

Friday, January 18th, 2019
Same as last week! :)
All groups - Power Rock!

Friday, January 11th, 2019!
*D Scale Video
*D scale orange star challenge - memorize!
*Page 8-9 note review
-#17 - Hop Scotch

-#18 - Morning Dance
-#19 - Rolling Along
-#20 - Good King Wenceslas
-#21 - Seminole Chant
-#22 - Lightly Row

*Page 10-11 A string notes (some groups)
-#23 - Let's Read D
-#24 - Let's Read C#
-#25 - Take Off
-#26 - Carribbean Island
-#27 - Olympic High Jump
-#28 - Let's Read B
-#29 - Half Way Down
-#30 - Right Back Up
-#31 - Down the D Scale
-#32 - Up the D Scale



Friday, December 14th:
Congrats on a successful BLT DAY!!!!
*Jingle Bells sound file
*Jingle Bells Video


Friday, December 7th:
*Bows bows bows! Next Friday is BLT day!!!
*BLT Day Video
*D Scale
Video (some groups)
*Page 6-7 in the Essential Elements Book (some groups)
enter activation code, OR click here to access ALL Essential Elements sound files :) 


There WILL be lessons on the half day - Friday December 7th. 

Friday, November 30th:
*Bow Games + Hot Cross Buns with bows!
*Bow Games Music only!!!!
*Page 4 with bows
*Hot Cross Buns with bows!!
*Keep practicing bow games!
***BLT Day will be Friday, December 14th!! :)***
enter activation code, OR click here to access ALL Essential Elements sound files :) 


Friday, November 9th:

*New Songs Paper Video
*Bow Reminders and Essential Elements Book Video
Pages 4-5 in
enter activation code, OR click here to access ALL files :) 

Review Twinkle
Continue Bow Games and Bow Tubes
Open strings with bow! Yay!

Friday, October 26th:

VIOLIN/VIOLA video - Twinkle + Bow Tubes
CELLO video - Twinkle + Bow Tubes
BASS video - Twinkle + Bow Tubes

*Creepy Cross Buns and/or Mary Lost Her Lamb using F natural
--replace all F# with F natural
---"low 2" for violins and violas - first and second finger nice and close! :)
---2nd finger for cellos and basses
*New notes G and B 
*Twinkle Twinkle
*Bow Seat Belts
*Bow Tubes (some groups)

Friday, October 19th:
Mary Had a Little Lamb Video
*E & F# Review
*Mary Had a Little Lamb
*Bow Games!

Friday, October 12th:
Hot Cross Buns Video
*D & A string review
*Hot Cross Buns
**Added E and F# (F SHARP! :) )
*CBA's - G F E D C B A


Friday, October 5th:
Open String Minion Boogie Video
*How to hold the instrument (remember to stay relaxed)
*D and A strings
*Open String Minion Boogie!


         Friday, September 28th:

*Learning to read the lesson schedule
*I tuned instruments and showed them how to attach the sponges and shoulder rests (we will continue to review this :) )
*Parts of the instrument labeling
CHALLENGE: to teach someone at home about the parts of the instrument

Some groups also learned:
*The 7 steps to setting up
*Pizzicato - the word that means plucking the instrument
*D and A strings